Week 3 – My travel workout plan for Italy!

A few friends and I are vacationing in Italy for two weeks! It’s been my dream to go explore the historical sites, indulge in authentic Italian food and wine (and amaro of course), and get a little glimpse of what it’s like to live out there. I’m so excited to finally be on my way!

Travelling makes sticking to a training routine almost impossible. Let’s be honest, I’ll be spending most of my days out and about, seeing, eating and drinking all the things. However, training for Strongwoman is hugely important to me, so training won’t stop here! My travel schedule is all over the place, but I know that I can carve out a half hour a day to train.

Here’s the travel workout I created with Buck’s help. I included some of the exercises from my daily training routine for consistency. I’ll spend 30 minutes per day, minimum 5 days per week doing this workout.

Jump squats 3 sets x 8 reps
Push ups 3×10

Prone low trap raise 4×10 each arm
Single leg glute bridge 4×10 each leg

Planks 2x1min hold
Walking lunge 2×15 each leg

Mountain climbers 4×20 each leg
Burpees 4×6

I won’t have a gym with all the equipment I need, but at least I’ll be keeping my muscles active with these body weight exercises. I picked these exercises because they’ll keep my heart rate up, strengthen major muscle groups, and most importantly I can do them anywhere. This trip may put my progress back a little, so training will go full force when I return! I’ll try to write a blog post in Italy, but no promises. 😉


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