Strongwoman Wrap-Up and Big Life Decisions

This blog post is long overdue and also pretty long, but stick with me. I got some exciting news to share!

I spent the days immediately following Strongwoman giving my body much needed rest and relaxation. I placed in Third in my division, and words cannot describe everything I felt when I reached my goal. Reminiscing back on all the hours spent training, recovering and disciplining my body and mind to keep going, (in a non-braggy way) I’m incredibly proud to have gotten here and be able to say I’ve reached my goal of placing in my first competition. Thanks a million to my dear friend Mayen and fellow Strongwoman Harper for the photos! For videos, check this out!


Weight for Height


Stone to Shoulder


Log Press


Truck Pull
Yoke Carry


Lightweight Novice Winners
My trainer, Alex Buck


Eric ❤
I was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life, especially at the Truck Pull. Though I had practiced pulling weighted sleds, a 320lb sled is nothing compared to a 13K delivery truck. I was able to pull the truck in 40 seconds! I put everything I had into that event. I Log Pressed 5 reps in 60 seconds, completed 4 reps of Stone to Shoulder, got all 4 medballs over the 10′ bar for Weight for Height, and carried the 300lb yoke 50 feet. My body was so sore from the neck down for a few days, but it was all worth it.

The vibe surrounding the competition was infectious. These are some of the most powerful women I’ve ever met. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes, and I was so impressed at these women’s strength. Everyone was supporting, encouraging, pushing and coaching each other. It didn’t matter that we were competing against one other. When I hit a moment of weakness, it was the competitors and friends cheering me on that gave me the push I needed to finish strong. This is where I felt at home and where I felt the most alive.

I’ve wanted to become a personal trainer for some time, and I told myself, “After Strongwoman, I’m going to do it. I’m going to study and get certified as a personal trainer.” Though my career in communications presented some great opportunities, it wasn’t where I felt I truly wanted to be. Training with my Fit Team Fam is where I’m the happiest, and I admire our trainers who guide us to be better and stronger versions of ourselves every day.  This is what I aspire to be…someone who helps others reach their goals and guide them in realizing their strength.

So, Strongwoman is over, and I’m a woman of my word. I resigned from my job and I’m going head-first to getting certified as a personal trainer. I’ll also be going back to school in the future to get licensed as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I’ve thought about this decision for a long time. I’ve never been the kind of person brave enough to take such big risks and go after my dreams, but I believe very much that this is the right move for me.  I don’t expect this next chapter to be easy. In fact, it’s going to be the biggest challenge I face yet, but I’m prepared and excited to take it on.

Thank you to everyone who offered encouragement during my #roadtostrongwoman and came out to support, especially to my trainer Buck, my Fit Team Fam, and boyfriend Eric. I couldn’t have gone through this journey without each of you. Cheers to the next big adventure!

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