Gym Etiquette 101: 5 Rules You Shouldn’t Break

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a Crossfitter or crushing it on your own at the gym to stay fit, there are a few often unspoken gym etiquette tips that will make you a better gym goer. Why is this important? First, these tips create a safer space for training. Second, it makes you a more courteous human being. Gyms can be an intimidating and frustrating space, especially if it’s unorganized and you’re not sure where things are. Use these tips to make your more workouts more efficient and get stronger in the process! 

Photo credit: Becky Stavely @OurEndlessAdventure

1) Put it back. You’ll get more gains when you put equipment back where they belong. Dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders and all equipment are there to help you get strong and reach your fitness goals. Get that extra lift in and put them back! Plus, the next person to use the equipment and the gym staff will thank you. 

2) Pay attention to your surroundings. Especially during busy hours, it’s important to pay attention to where you’re walking and the space you’re working out in. If someone’s in the middle of a set lifting heavy weights for example, give him/her enough space to finish the set safely. The last thing anyone wants is to get injured while they were getting their lift on because you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings. 

3) Re-rack your weights. This goes along with tip #1 but deserves its own spot on the list. Whether you’re deadlifting, pressing or squatting with a barbell, unload your bar and put the weights back on the racks. If you can lift it, you can re-rack it. Nothing is more irritating when you’re looking for a barbell and the only one available is the abandoned one with multiple plates on each end. Don’t be lazy!

4) Wipe it down. You got a good sweat out and you’re on to the next thing! Before you leave that treadmill, bench or anything else that you sweat on, clean it off with antibacterial wipes or spray bottle. You don’t want to catch ringworm, athlete’s foot or a cold from someone else and they don’t either. 

5) Be nice to each other. We all go to the gym to live a more active, healthy lifestyle, and each of us are working towards our personal goals. Be patient with your fellow gym goer if they’re using equipment you need or offer to share.  Who knows? You could build a fitness community and have someone there to spot you when you need a little backup. 

Photo credit: Becky Stavely @OurEndlessAdventure

The gym is a space where you can leave all the stresses of life aside and focus on YOU, but it takes team effort to make that experience better for you and others. Whatever your fitness goals may be, keep at it and put it back 🙂 YOU GOT THIS! 


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