Road to Strongwoman

I went to brunch with my friend Amie one Saturday afternoon. Both of us were coming from the gym, muscles still a little shaky and clothes slightly damp from sweat. Amie and I are both gym rats (I’m proud to say so) and love talking about fitness and healthy living. Amie is competing in the Charm City Strongwoman Competition for her second time this September. As we’re sipping on bottomless mimosas, she suggested I compete as well. She reasoned that I’m already training, might as well be training towards something.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.49.29 PM
Under Armour Performance Center turf. That’s me in the center 🙂 Photo by Evan Williams

I am a part of Under Armour Performance Center’s Fit Team program. A workout is created daily that focuses on moving better, stronger and longer. From speed ladders, box jumps, to deadlifts and pull-ups, my fit team and I set goals and work hard to reach them. I’ve always wanted to do a Tough Mudder race or a strength competition, but was too nervous to try. Amie had a great point though- I’m already training. Just do it!

So, I’m doing it! I’m really excited and nervous. Some of the events in this competition I’ve never done before, so training is really important. There are five events: medball weight for height, log press for max reps, stone to shoulder, truck pull and yoke carry. My fit team trainer Buck is working with me in the weeks leading up to Strongwoman. I’m excited for all the gains!

I’ll be documenting my training on this blog for my own recording purposes, and if it helps anyone else along the way, awesome! I’ll also be sharing photos and videos of my #roadtostrongwoman on Instagram.

*raises a glass* Here’s to the start of an amazing journey! Cheers!

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